Eclipse proxy configuration


Eclipse need to configure with proxy settings to work in  in corporate organizations:

For Development environments need to configure in eclipse in the below way:

Method 1:

Open Eclipse-> Window-> Preferences – > General -> Network Connections

  1. Select Active Provider as “Manual”
  2. Provide Host name for HTTP/HTTPS like   ‘” and give credentials along with domain name (username corp\username)
    • Clear the settings for SOCKs, otherwise all request will go through firewall, not through Proxy
  3. Restart the server. You must need to restart to take effect the changes.Eclipse Proxy Configuration
    • Eclipse will save all these settings in the file: at below locations
      1. Kepler and higher versions:  eclipse/configuration/.setttings/
      2. lower version :  workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings\
    • File content would be:
      1. eclipse.preferences.version=1

Method 2:

configure the proxy settings in eclipse.ini.    so the below settings after vmargs:



Via Java control Panel:

All java applications can use proxy settings from java control panel to run Applets and other networking applications which uses Java.

Open – > Control Panel-> You can find Java Icon and click on that. Click on Network Settings.

By default it is configured to use “Browser Settings”.


Java Proxy Settings



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