In this post, we will see the java is pure functional programming language or not.

  • Java is not a purely functional programming language
  • support functional programming concepts with help of lambdas, functional interfaces, and streams.
  • Functional programming emphasizes on
    • immutability
    • Pure functions
    • Function composition
  • purely functional language, data is immutable and functions should not have any side effects.
  • In Java is object-oriented language where it mutates objects at run time and allows side effects

Despite these limitations, Java 8 introduced several functional programming features, such as lambda expressions and the Stream API, that make it easier to write functional-style code in Java. These features make it possible to write code that is more concise, readable, and maintainable, even if it’s not purely functional.

Overall Summary

  • Java is not a purely functional language, fundamentally it Object Oriented language which allows some functional concepts
  • Java is functional style language
  • Its not immutable. Core data structures in java are mutable and very limited support in creating immutable objects
  • it does support functional programming concepts and provides tools to write functional-style code.