Jenkins setup and Installation

Jenkins setup and  Installation

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is open source server to automate build, test, and deployment of applications.


  • Apache tomcat
  • Jenkins 2.5.1

Jenkins Setup:

  1. Download Jenkins latest version from “”
  2. Jenins 2 has changed installations setup, but remaining configuration are all same.
  3. In webapps, delete  tomcat folders in webapp except ROOT and copy the downloaded jenkins.war
  4. start the tomcat server and  in this initial run of Jenkins, it will create admin password which need to enter in setup wizard.jenkins start
  5. You can also copy the password from initialAdminPassword and enter in input field:Jenkins 2 tutorial
  6. Jenkins 1.0 version installs lot of plugin, However in Jenkins 2.0, you will be asked to select suggested plugins or  customize the setup by selecting required plugins. Select “Suggested Plugins”Jenkins customization
  7. it will download and install the following pluginsJenkins plugin installations
  8. In this step, you are required to create admin user in Jenkins 2.0. Give the admin user details and click on “Save and Finish”Jenkins Admin User
  9. Now Jenkins Home page will open and you are required configure Jenkins Global Settings. Jenkins Home


In the next tutorial, we will configure Jenkins with Ant, Maven and Gradle