1. What is Liferay DXP?
  2. What are all changes you observed from Liferay 6 with Liferay 7?
  3. What are the main differences between Plugin SDK development and  Liferay 7 workspace development?
  4. Why Liferay chooses OSGI platform rather continuing Liferay 6.2 Plugin SDK development?
  5. How do you migrate plugin sdk plugin SDK into Liferay 7 Modules?
  6. What are the states of Module in deployment process?
  7. How many ways can you deploy OSGI module?
  8. How do you get service in Component?
  9. What is mean by Declarative Services?
  10. How to do you customize Liferay 7 Web Resources (JSP) using Modules?
  11. How to override Language properties in Liferay 7?
  12. How to customize Struts actions Liferay 7?
  13. How to customize Portlet Actions commands in Liferay DXP?
  14. How to implement friendly URL’s in Liferay 7?
  15. How to integrate with kaleo workflow in Liferay 7?
  16. What is Lexicon Icons?
  17. How to create a Theme in Liferay?

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