Liferay Administration Interview Questions

  •  How to you manage liferay portal administration?
    • The control panel provides an interface for the creation and maintenance of:
      • Plugin Configuration
      • Custom Fields
      •  Portal Settings
      • Password Policies
      • Roles
      • Page Templates
      • Site Templates
      • Sites and Teams
      • Users and Organizations
  • How to many ways you can embed a page from another application in Liferay?
    • Two ways:
      • IFrame portlet
      • Web proxy Portlet
  • What is IFrame and how do you configure IFrame portlet?
    • Liferay provides IFrame portlet to embed a page from another application or same application
    • With IFrame, users can navigate through the embedded page without losing the  context of the portal page and adjusts to the size of the HTML page if the page is hosted on the same server.
    • To add IFrame portlet:
      • •Drag and drop the IFrame portlet using the Add button in the Dockbar.
      • Click on the Please configure this portlet to make it visible to all users link or  “Settings – > Configuration”
      • Enter the Source URL and click Save.
  • What is Web Proxy Portlet ?
    • Liferay provides web proxy portlet which is similar to IFrame Web Proxy Portlet
  • What are the differences between IFrame and Web Proxy ?

    • IFrame is more like a window to another application and  Web Proxy  rendering a block of HTML into a portal page.
    • links in an embedded IFrame application would take a user out of the portal, when clicked. In contrast, links served via the Web Proxy
    portlet are automatically re-written, such that the user is not taken out of the portal context.
    • With IFrames, the end user’s browser must have direct access to the embedded application. In Web Proxy, applications can be
    accessed through a firewall or other proxies that are not otherwise  reachable by the end user’s browser.

  • What is Personalization in Liferay?
    • In Liferay, Personalization is achieved through user pages, in which allows each portal user to manage and customize  content or applications. Public pages provide a means of making content publicly available. Private pages provide a means for users to create content and use applications that should be hidden from other users
  • What is WebDAV and how do you create documents is using webDAV?
    • WebDAV is used to synchrozie local folders with Liferay Documents and Media folder
    •  How o use WEBDAV:
      • Navigate to Control Panel -> and  click on Documents and Media
      • Hover the mouse over a folder on which WEBDAV needs to be enabled, click on the triangular button which will be displayed.
      • Select Access from Desktop. • A WEBDAV URL will be displayed. Copy the URL to clipboard.
      • In the local system, (considering a windows OS), right click on Computer -> Map Network Drive.
      • Select a drive, paste the WEBDAV URL and click Finish.
      • Enter the Liferay credentials, if prompted.
      • Add some content to the mapped drive. It should be visible in the site.
  • What is Role and How do you assign a role to user?
    • Role specified function and  linked to permissions in Liferay. We use role who have the same permissions
    •  Click on the Roles link in the control panel : a list of default roles appears.
    •  Click on the Actions button next to the required role and choose Assign Members.
    •  Click on the Available tab : this shows users who can be added to the role.
      •  Check the user names to add them to the role.
      •  Click Update Associations.
  • What is Organization and how do you assign users to organization?
    • Organizations are hierarchical collections of users. Users can be members of one or many of them, up and down the hierarchy. A collections of users that belong to same group can also grouped in organization
    • Sites can associated with Organization
    • Adding an organization:
      • Navigate to the control panel.
      •  Under the Portal heading, select Users and Organizations link.
      •  Click the Add -> Regular Organization Button.
      •  If the organization is a top level organization, do not select anything under the
        • Parent Organization option.  Click Save
  • What is User Group in Liferay and how it differs from Role?
    • User Group nothing but arbitrary grouping of users with out any particular hierarchy.
    • A role is nothing but permission or access rights to assign to user, but user group is to provide assign roles, sites and page for paricular group,
    • Users groups are used
      • Assign several roles to a group of users
      • assign membership to site
      • assign pages to users
  • What is page templates ?
    • page templates provides a pre configured  page for  reuse  and similar set of pages can be created quickly using page template.
  • What is structures and templates ?
    • Structures provide the ability to provide a format for the content so that  users know what needs to be entered to have a complete article and provides dynamic data to template
    • Templates defines how to display the content
  • How to change authentication options in Liferay using Control panel?
    • The Authentication page can be accessed by using the following path:  Control Panel -> Portal Settings ->Authentication
      The General tab allows the following settings:  
      •  Authenticate via email address (default)
      • screen name
      •  user ID
  • What are page type available?
    • There are 2 types of pages  public and private at 2 levels : Site level and user level
    • Site Pages: Public pages of a Site are those pages which can be  accessed by any user irrespective of the user being a member of the Site   while Private pages are those pages which can be accessed only by users who are members of the Site or are Super administrators.
    • User Pages : User public pages can be accessed by anybody but user private pages can be accessed only by the user.
  • What is Site ?
    • A site is set of public/private pages and there are 3 types of sites:
      • Open   : Users can become
      • Restricted: Users can request site membership but site administrators must approve requests in order for users to become members. Requests can be made from the My Sites portlet
      • Private : Users are not allowed to join the site or requestt site membership. Private sites don’t appear in the My Sites portlet. Site
        administrators can manually select users and assign them as site members.  
  • What is workflow and how workflow configuration will be enabled for custom entity ?
    •  Workflow is sequence of connected steps performed by one or more users. Liferay kaleo workflow is designed to manage the creation, modification and publication of web content or asset.
    • You can set up a workflow so that content cannot be published without going through an approval process.
    • In this way, content is published  only after it has been reviewed and approved
    • Liferay control panel contains Workflow Definitions,Workflow configuration and submissions tab to manage the kaleo workflow
      • Definitions  : admin will upload workflow defintion so that it will available to the assets
      • Default Configurations : Admin will map the uploaded workflow definition with assets, so that asset will be enabled with workflow
      • Submissions:  This section shows list of pending and completed workflow tasks

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