missing login portlet in Liferay

Missing login portlet in Liferay or Lost lifray login portlet on home page:

Sometimes it is quite common that Liferay login portlet will be missed /lost from Home page. How to regain missed login portlet in liferay home page. User may need to access the login portlet explicitly  by appending /c/portal/login to home URL.

follow below steps to regain login portlet on home page:

1. Quick solution is to access login portlet with /c/portal/login but not a permanent one

2. Navigate to Site administration/pages/home

3.Click on corresponding page when you intend to display login portlet(make sure that page should be accessible to guest users)

4. Click on Advanced and you can find Query String text field

5. Add the below line and save the changes


6. Now you can see the missed login portlet on the home page.

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