Jenkins Integration

liferay jenkins integration part3

Liferay Jenkins integration- Part3 In the past tutorials, we learn about Jenkins setup for liferay integration for basic build and custom ant scripts. In this tutorial, we will use custom build script to do build. besides this,¬† it also explains…
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Lifeay Jenkins ant build integration part2

Liferay Jenkins ant build ¬†integration Part2 This is Liferay Jenkins ant build integration part2 tutorial, as explained in the previous tutorial about Liferay jenkins integration process. In this tutorial, we will look into ant script for liferay plugin sdk. ¬†Ant…
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Liferay Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Liferay Jenkins Integration Liferay Jenkins Integration tutorial will help to configure build and deployment process for Liferay 6.2 PluginSDK. Liferay jenkins integration is series of 3 tutorials focus on automating building of deployment artifacts. As you all know, applications are…
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