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  1. Liferay Portlet Basic Interview questions
  2. Service Builder Interview Questions
  3. Liferay Theme Interview questions
  4. Liferay Administration Interview Questions
  5. Advanced Liferay Interview Questions
  6. Hooks Interview Questions

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  • How to configure Liferay Cluster ?

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  • Explain the steps in implementing custom SQL in Liferay

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  • How to configure multiple domain names in Liferay? For example and

This can be configured using Virtual Instances in Liferay.Each virtual instance has its own domain name. Liferay directs users to the proper instance based on this domain name. So before you configure an instance, configure its domain name in your network first. When you’re ready to add an instance.

You’ll be prompted for four fields and a check box:

Web ID: A general convention is to use the domain name for this. It’s a user-generated ID for the instance.

Virtual Host: Put the domain name you configured in your network here. When users are directed to your Liferay server via this domain name, Liferay will then be able to send them to the proper virtual instance.

Mail Domain: Enter the domain name for the mail host for this instance. Liferay will use this to send email notifications from the instance.

Max Users: Enter the maximum numbers of user accounts you would like your virtual instance to support.

Active: Use this check box to choose whether to create an active or an inactive virtual instance

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