Web Services

REST Webservices

REST Webservices What is REST? REST means Representational State Transfer  and that  are built around Resources(Java POJO) REST services are Stateless and uses as a Uniform Interface Resources are manipulated through Representations Responses are Representations and they carry or point to current…

REST Jersey Maven Tutorial

REST Jersey Maven Tutorial REST Jersey Maven Tutorial will drive you about REST application using JAX-RS where Jersey is implementation provider. Go through REST Concepts Tutorial before going through this tutorial. Download the REST Webservices at end of the tutorial….

REST Jersey Maven JSON Tutorial

REST Jersey Maven JSON Tutorial REST Jersey maven JSON tutorial will drive “How to create JSON webservices with Jersey“.  Go through below tutorials to get idea of REST web  services. You can download  REST JSON Example code at bottom of…

REST regular expressions

REST Regular Expressions REST URI Resources can be expressed with Regular expression on @PathParam. The @Path annotation supports the use of template parameters as :{ name : regex }. The template parameter name is required.The colon (:) followed by a…

liferay jersey integration

Liferay Jersey Integration liferay jersey rest web services tutorial will drive you on how to create web services using jersey framework. Liferay out of the box provides axis engine framework for SOAP and JSON web services.  Liferay Service Builder has ability to generate…

Spring REST Webservices Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to implement Spring REST  Web services? Spring MVC framework can be used for generating REST resources also, before stepping into this tutorial, click here to access Spring MVC tutorial and will get idea on implementing…

Spring REST JSON Post Example

Spring REST JSON Post Example In this tutorial, we will see How to post JSON object in post requests.  You can access Spring REST Maven Tutorial for beginners here. This tutorial provides sample code Spring REST JSON pojo example: Hope…

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