Liferay Interview Questions

Liferay Interview Questions

Welcome!! you can find list of interview questions based on category basic,advanced,service builder and hooks from the Left Side Navigation Menu. Please share you interview experiences in the comments area and will update to this post.

 Liferay Portlet Basic Interview Questions

Liferay Portlet Basic Interview Questions  What is Portal? Portal is platform to create web applications where portal provides commonly used features such as user  management, authentication, sites, web content management to avoid creating from scratch. Portal assembles multiple portlet applications to…READ MORE

Advanced Liferay Interview Questions

Advanced Liferay Interview Questions Explain cluster process in Liferay? Access below tutorial for cluster setup in liferay Liferay Clustering Concepts  Liferay Clustering Concepts tutorial will drive you on READ MORE

Liferay ServiceBuilder Interview Questions

Liferay ServiceBuilder Interview Questions   What is Service Builder and advantages of using it? Access this tutorial for details: Liferay ServiceBuilder concepts and anatomy  Liferay provides Service Builder tool for generating modal objects, READ MORE

Liferay Theme Interview Questions

Liferay Theme Interview Questions  How to set portlet preference in theme? Liferay provides a built-in VM variable called$velocityPortletPreferences for this purpose.$velocityPortletPreferences is a Map<String, String>.  READ MORE

Liferay Administration Interview Questions

Liferay Administration Interview Questions    How to you manage liferay portal administration? The control panel provides an interface for the creation and maintenance of: Plugin Configuration Custom READ MORE

Liferay Hook Interview Questions

Liferay Hook Interview Questions What is Hook plugins in Liferay? Liferay Hooks are used to override core functionality of liferay services, web resources, language properties, filters, indexers, structs actions etcREAD MORE

Liferay portal properties interview questions

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