Jenkins Configuration Setup

Jenkins setup tutorial will guide on installing Jenkins locally. In this tutorial we will manage Jenkins configuration.

  1. Install Jenkins and click here for “Jenkins Installation” Tutorial
  2. Login on Jenkins as “admin” user and you will get the following home pageJenkins Home
  3. Click on “Manage Jenkins => Global Tools Configurations” where we will configure java, ant, maven and gradle with Jenkins
  4. By Default, Jenkins has followingJenkins Configuration Tutorial
  5. Configure Java:
    • Click on JDK Installation
    • By Default, “Install Automatically” is checked and you can install from but we will avoid downloading as most of the systems are Java enabled.Jenkins Java Configuration
    • Uncheck “Install automatically” and provide the JDK Name and JDK Path in JAVA_HOME as shown in belowJenkins java configuration
  6. Download the ANT, Maven and Gradle bin folders to local folder like shown belowJenkins configuration
  7. Configure Gradle
    • click on Gradle Installation
    • Uncheck “Install Automatically” and provide the GRADLE_HOME to  to Gradle folder as shown in belowGradle Config
  8. Configure Maven and Ant
    • click on Maven and ANT Installation
    • Uncheck “Install Automatically” and set the MVN_HOME and ANT_HOME like shown below:jenkins maven ant config

Now Click on Apply and Save. Now Jenkins is configured with Java, Gradle,ANT and Maven

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