Liferay Patching Tool


Liferay provides patching-tool utility to update latest fix packs provided by the liferay. Liferay  Enterprise already configured with Patching tool. If patching tool not found then download from liferay and configure.

In this, tutorial, we use  Liferay DXP Patching tool to show the demp

High Level Steps:

  1. Configure Patching Tool in Liferay
  2. Install Liferay fix packs

Configure Patching Tool in Liferay

  1. Download patching-tool from liferay and extract to your liferay-home folder
  2. The patching-tool directory will look like below :
    • :  Change these settings if you configure Patching tool other than liferay directory
      • patching.mode=binary
    • paches :  This is where you need to copy liferay fix packs. When you run install command then liferay will update all the fix packs on  the tomcat serverLiferay Patching Tool
  3. Open command prompt or unit shell and navigate to patching tool directory
  4. Run the command:
    • patching-tool info :  This would give you patching tool version, installed paches  etcliferay patching tool info
  5. Run the auto-discovery command
    • patching-tool auto-discovery:  This command try to discover the liferay tomcat automaticallyliferay patching tool tutorial
    • It will try to discover the liferay
    • you can set the liferay home and tomcat configurations in file if patching tool is installed on different directory
  6. Run the setup command:
    • patching-tool setup :  liferay patching tool setup

Install Liferay fix packs

  1. Liferay Patching tool is ready and download latest fix packs from liferay
  2. Copy fix packs to  “patches” directory. I copied de-8-7010 fix pack from liferay.
  3. Stop the Liferay server
  4. Run the below command:
    • patching-tool install : It will install all patches copied in patches directory
  5. Now run the command “patching-tool info” again and it will give the list of installed fixesinfo-white
  6. Hope this helps!!
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  1. Thanks for knowledge sharing article.Bro.BTW .. In the fifth step its mentioned as patching-tool auto-discovery.But in the Image you are given as patching-tool.bat auto-discovery.This is windows cmd option only right .Correct me if I am wrong ???

    1. yes. Its windows command and you can find Linux also with same name and execute in the console like this: “./”

  2. Do we need to remove the old patch before installing new patch or without removing old patch we can install.Please suggest.

  3. Thanks for your article. It is useful . I have doubt on this .

    I am new to liferay dxp. where can i download the patches for Liferay 7 .

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