Final Keyword in Dart Programming

Final keyword in Dart

In Darts“final” means single-assignment, Once assigned with value then variable value can’t be changed. Final key word makes variable to hold constant value at compile time and runt time as well.

final int age = 25;
final var date = // Final keyword accepts runt time data as well

Class Level Final Variables: The below example illustrates final keyword behaviour:

Class Product {
    final String productName;
    final int productId;
void main() {
    Product pr= new Product("Laptop",101);

Class Level Static Variables:

Class Level static variables must be initialized at same time, does not allow at constructor level.

Class Product {
       final static productName = "Laptop";

In summary:

  • Variable values can not be changed once assigned with value
  • Final keyword variables access compile time and run time initialization
  • Class level static final variables must be initialized then and there
  • Class level final variables can be initialized at same line or at constructor
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