Flutter Firebase Tutorial

Install Flutter in your system: Follow this link to download and install flutter latest versions. As of this writing we are using flutter 2.5 which is latest version.

Firebase is a service provided by Google and it consists of a lot of different products.



if you click on pricing, you can start for free with Spark Plan, but depending on which features you’re going to use, you might need a paid plan, which also initially is free. Cloud functions are not free in spark plan and you need to upgrade to use cloud functions

Firebase Account Configuration

  1. Navigate https://firebase.google.com/ and click on Get Started and signup/login using your email id
  2. Create Project and turn of google analytics for now

2. Disable the analytics settings for now

Create Project: Provide project name here which can be used in later

We will Android configuration in next tutorial.

Check for Firebase Android application setup in this tutorial:

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