Liferay SVN setup

This tutorial demonstrates on Liferay SVN setup on local developer machine. Liferay SDK contains portlets, themes, layouts and many others as a individual project and difficult to follow right approach to manage through SVN when compared to native Java/J2EE applications. In this approach, whole Liferay SDK will be imported into local from SVN repository as this is recommended and make sure that you installed Subversion plugin in to Liferay Developer Studio.

1. To import project from SVN, click on File->New Project->SVN-> Checkout projects from SVN. Create a new repository location with complete Liferay SDK path and click on next.

svn2 svn3

2.  Provide Credentials and click “Ok” button. and then select liferay sdk as from trunk and click on “next” button


SVN5    SVN16



3. The following window will be opened and select “check out as a project in the workspace” radio button. Liferay Plugin SDK will be imported in to the project and which you can use to check-in/ commit the changes.


4. As shown above pic, Liferay SDK is imported in to Liferay Developer Studio. In the next process, import all plugin types as projects. To do this,  you need to configure SDK in Liferay Developer Studio. Click on Window -> Preferences -> Liferay -> Installed Plugin SDKS, and click on Add.


Post this, Map Location to imported SDK and click Ok. Now you can import projects (File -> Import) and then select Liferay Projects from Plugin SDK, click next. This the next window, select all plugin types, which required and click “ok” button.






Liferay plugins configuration in Eclipse:

you can see all portlets, theme, layouts, hooks in your Project Explorer. Make sure that there would “L” symbol on top corner of each project. Some times, you may get  red “!” icon. In this case, right click on, project->Properties and check  JRE is configured properly or not.  Event some times, imported portlet plugins may not be liferay plugin types. In this case, How do you convert into liferay portlet in Liferay Developer Studio? As shown in below, You need to make changes to Project facets.  Right click on project -> properties -> Project Facets -> check the label on “Liferay Portlet” or “theme”, which depends on projects plugin type. This is how, you can turn normal project into Lifefay Plugin portlet / theme project.


Liferay Facets

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